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Commercial Tiling — Different Challenges

All tiling work isn’t the same. Not only does it depend on the type of materials used and the location of the tiles — bathrooms, kitchens, floors and walls, for example — but also on the type of customer and the property being tiled.

Commercial tiling is significantly different to domestic work. The jobs tend to be much bigger, timescales are tighter, requirements more demanding and the whole process is much more complex and challenging. That’s why you can’t appoint a tiler who is only experienced in domestic work to do a commercial job and expect it to be a great success. You really need a commercial tiler who knows what the job’s about.

Why Only Commercial Tilers in Brisbane will Handle the Job Properly

Anyone with a domestic tiling job to do will want it completed properly, without fuss or mess, on time and for the agreed price. For a commercial client, however, all those requirements are much more crucial and put greater pressure on the tiler.

Commercial tiling will be seen by many people — customers, staff and various visitors. If it’s in a reception area it has to be impressive, in a public washroom it needs to be functional and easily maintained, and everywhere it has to withstand constant use whether that’s walking on tiled floors, spillages and high temperatures in a kitchen or hard knocks in any public areas.

Commercial buildings, whether offices, retail outlets, restaurants or whatever, tend to be busy places that sometimes operate 24/7. Any disruption to that operation will adversely affect the customer’s performance and profits and needs to be avoided or minimised at all costs. To that end, customers will impose restrictions and tight deadlines to ensure any disruptions are kept to an absolute minimum. Delays and hold-ups have to be avoided wherever possible, and that takes careful planning and attention to detail throughout.

Disruption, of course, can be caused by accidents and these also have to be avoided. That takes strict adherence to a proper health and safety policy to avert any mishaps.

Doing the Job Properly

At PERC Tiling, we’ve operated as commercial tilers in Brisbane for some time and are familiar with the challenges and how to meet them. We know that commercial clients have set budgets and we have to operate within them.

We also realise that time is money, so we can work around the clock to get the job done and avoid disruption and delays. Working through the night and at weekends means the customer’s staff can operate normally with no interruption from us.

Tiling can, of course, be part of a much bigger refurbishment or new build job, and so we’ll work with contractors and other parties to ensure everything is coordinated and we don’t get in anyone’s way. We’ll project manage our own part of the job to ensure it completes safely and on time, with no issues, and doesn’t delay the overall project.

Alongside all those pressures of time and cost constraints, there’s still the need for a job of the highest quality. That, however, is pretty much a given for us because delivering an excellent service is our number one aim for all customers, whether commercial or domestic.

Perc Tiling are a professional Brisbane tiling service specialising in wall tiles, kitchen tiles and general tile installation services. We also look after all tile repairs as well as all residential & commercial tiling needs.

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