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Floor Tiling for Brisbane Style

If you have a new room to fit out or an existing one to be refurbished, what you put on the floor will have a big influence on the eventual outcome. A good looking floor can be the difference between a room that just doesn’t work and one that’s really stylish and practical.

Whilst the traditional solution may be to lay carpets or linoleum in specific rooms; often floor tiles are by far the best answer. They’re stylish, durable, affordable and easy to maintain, and may be a much better proposition in the long-term.

Get the Right Floor Tiling for the Job

When choosing floor tiles, there’s a huge range of colours, styles, finishes, materials, shapes and sizes. The ones you select will depend on the room you’re tiling and the effect you’re intending to create. With our knowledge and experience, we can help you make the right choice and ensure the tiles are put down properly.

You may want a tile or combination of tiles that complements an existing or planned décor, or that is a stand-out feature due to its contrasting appearance. Choose patterned tiles to create an exotic feel and a striking appearance that impresses your guests.

Quarry tiles are ideal for that rustic, farmhouse look that brings a little of the countryside into your life. Alternatively, go for natural stone such as granite or marble, which can bring a spectacular and luxurious appearance to any room. There are also realistic wood effect floor tiles that have all the advantages of real wood but none of the drawbacks that include scratching, regular maintenance and the high cost of real wood flooring.

Floor tiling has long been accepted as a sensible flooring method for kitchens and bathrooms where the practical benefits are as important as the material’s good looks. But it’s also increasingly used in living and dining areas where the clean lines create a contemporary and cool impression.

Practical, Good Looking and Safe in Use

Carpets and linoleum look good when they’re first laid but eventually wear out and gradually deteriorate in appearance. Floor tiles, on the other hand, continue to look great and you’re more likely to replace them because you want a change rather than due to them wearing out. They’re durable, resistant to harsh treatment and easy to keep clean.

They’re ideal in kitchens and bathrooms where there’s water about and the likelihood of spillages. These rooms are where most accidents occur, and tiles can provide a non-slip surface that prevents trips and slips.

Aside from their practicability, tiles are a great way to transform any room. Use white or light coloured tiles to brighten up a gloomy room, large tiles to make a small room look larger, intricate tiles to add detail and patterned tiles to break up large spaces. You can also use the same tiles inside and outside the house so that the living area extends out to the patio and makes the most of the space.

We’ve been installing floor tiles in Brisbane and surrounding areas for several years and know how to make any space look great as well as being more usable. We can advise the best tiles to get for any purpose and make sure they make the most of the available space. That can include grout that matches or contrasts with the tiles to provide the look you want — either understated or vibrant. The result is a room that looks great and will continue to do so for many years.

Perc Tiling are a professional Brisbane tiling service specialising in wall tiles, kitchen tiles and general tile installation services. We also look after all tile repairs as well as all residential & commercial tiling needs.

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