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Tile Installation — Not for the Amateur

Whatever tiles you install, and whether on the walls or the floor, they can make any room more stylish. They also make it more practical because they’re hard-wearing, easily kept clean and will continue to look good.

The success of the project doesn’t just depend on the tiles you buy but also how well they’re fixed to the walls or floor. If you’re not proficient to do this yourself, it’s best left to a professional to ensure the job’s done properly.

Steps for a Successful Installation

To do the job yourself, you’ll need the correct tools, which include a:

  • V-notched trowel to spread the adhesive; the size of the tool will depend on the thickness of the tiles
  • spirit level to check the positioning of the tiles
  • tile cutter to make straight cuts or a tile saw for thicker tiles
  • tile nipper for small cuts and adjustments and a file to remove rough edges.

You’ll also need protective goggles when cutting, tiles and suitable adhesive, tile trims, a bucket for mixing and protective sheets for floors, furniture and benchtops. It’s quite a big investment for something you won’t do very often.

Floor tiling should start right in the centre of the floor and work outwards while wall tiles follow a similar principle. You, therefore, need to measure carefully and make reference lines to work from.

Using the V-notched trowel, spread enough adhesive for the first few tiles, fix them firmly and make sure they’re straight and level, then add spacers if necessary for the next row. Work outwards from there, always checking levels and straight lines, and keep the surfaces free of paste.

Cutting can be a big problem for an amateur, especially with awkward shapes and thick tiles. It may be necessary to use a combination of the tile cutter, saw, nippers and file for a neat finish and, even then, you may get a lot of breakages and wastage. You’ll also have to add edge trims and to grout the tiles neatly when the adhesive is dry, and the tiles are firm.

Use a Tile Installation Professional in Brisbane

Tiles can be very expensive, especially natural stone ones such as granite and marble, but can create a stunning effect. However, if they’re not fixed and grouted properly, that effect will not be achieved.

At PERC Tiling, all our tilers have been in the business for a long time and doing a good job is second nature to them. They know how to tackle even the trickiest of installations and will ensure the outcome is perfect — level tiles with the correct colour mix, absolutely straight lines and grouting that sets them off beautifully.

Tiling may not be particularly hard to do for those who are reasonably practical and have good DIY skills. But it does require a degree of planning and preparation plus lots of time and patience. If it’s not done properly, the whole effect can be spoiled, and the cost of the tiles can be largely wasted, so it’s well worth investing in professional help.

Perc Tiling are a professional Brisbane tiling service specialising in wall tiles, kitchen tiles and general tile installation services. We also look after all tile repairs as well as all residential & commercial tiling needs.

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