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PERC Tiling: Delivering Wall Tiling That Brisbane Adores

Tiling is becoming increasingly popular, given that it is cost-effective, looks great and is incredibly durable. With so many options available on the market and so many versatile applications, there are more possibilities than ever before.

When it comes to wall tiles, Brisbane citizens have a lot of providers to choose from, but it’s important that they choose well: a poor tiling job can look awful, require constant maintenance and reinvestment and even result in serious structural damage to a given property.

At PERC Tiling we offer the best possible tiling service which is trusted on a range of elite-level commercial and residential projects. The fact that we are trusted by people across Brisbane is testament to our abilities and fantastic results. Here’s a deeper dive into why our customers trust us.

The Most Attractive Wall Tiling Pricing in Brisbane

We believe that great wall tiling shouldn’t break the bank. It’s a great option that should be available to as many people as possible, which is why we are transparent and flexible in our pricing. Our customers appreciate the cost-effective prices that we offer, which is made possible through our strong links with manufacturers. We get the best materials at the best prices, which is great news for our customers.

The Highest Possible Standard of Wall Tiles

Whatever the type of tile you would like installing – whether that’s stone, ceramic, mosaic or any other – you can rest assured that the materials we use are of the best possible quality. This is why we get such great results and why we are trusted to contribute to projects coordinated by award-winning builders and designers.

You can check out our customer reviews to get an insight into the level of quality that we offer. This superior quality improves maintenance and longevity while achieving a superior look. Check out our Instagram to see examples of some of the projects we have worked on recently.

Impeccable Standards

We offer the best materials at the best prices, but this means nothing without the ability to back it all up and tie everything together. Our founder has 18 years of experience in tiling, and he has handpicked an elite group of professionals to execute upon his vision.

Every job that we work on is executed to the same impeccable standard, and we will never leave until everything is in place perfectly. We understand that tiling looks fantastic and this is best achieved through hard work and deliberate work choices. Just a single tile out of place can crumble the great look, so we work hard and make sure that everything is perfectly polished.

Honest, Reliable and Committed Service

It’s also important to us that our work is performed in a way that makes our customers happy and comfortable. This is why we are committed to three key principles in the way that we conduct our work: honesty, reliability and commitment. You’ll find that all of our team supports these values and helps us to make your comfortable in what can be a stressful and intense time.

A Free, No-Obligation Quote

We can offer a no-obligation quote to you, in order to give you a better understanding of the prices you’re looking at for your project. Simply visit our website and contact us using your preferred contact method to find out more.

Perc Tiling are a professional Brisbane tiling service specialising in wall tiles, kitchen tiles and general tile installation services. We also look after all tile repairs as well as all residential & commercial tiling needs.

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